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Long Distance Investing & A Big Why with Michael Barnhart & Suzy Sevier

September 07, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 36
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Long Distance Investing & A Big Why with Michael Barnhart & Suzy Sevier
Show Notes

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On this episode Greg and Darren have a great conversation with long distance investors, Michael Barnhart & Suzy Sevier, and by long distance we mean really, really long distance as they are currently based in England and investing in the US.

 Michael & Suzy were able to leverage their time during quarantine to grow through extreme networking and finding a mentor that was “the accelerator to their fire” through a no expectations exchange of knowledge and skills.

 Their big why is inspiring – changing ROI from return on investment to return on impact. 

 We hope you enjoy listening and if you think of someone who might enjoy it as well, we appreciate you passing it along. 

From Michael & Suzy
Suzy and Michael are the Founders of Adventurous Real Estate Investors. They specialize in Return on Impact. Through real estate investing they create immeasurable impacts; in their family, with their friends, in their community, with the families (residents) they serve, in the spaces where they want to be generous.... everywhere and anywhere! 

Suzy and Michael are triathletes, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, and avid travelers.

Our adventure began at a TEDx event — the theme was Reset — and it changed our lives.

We took the event to heart and used that theme — Reset — as a launching point to regain control of our lives, secure financial freedom, create a long lasting impact, and discover our “why.” 

Our “why” is to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing so we can serve others all over the world. We want to build schools in 3rd world countries. Education is extremely important to us and access to basic education in all societies is critical to individual and economic development and political stability. We want to create an impact where it is needed most. We want to share this journey with others by offering investment opportunities to our partners, and to give back by mentoring others along the way to help them pursue their life passions. 

Join our adventure and together we will help you create your impact in your world through real estate investing. This impact itself is different for all of us but we all share the same goal, we want to create those monumental impacts.


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