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Keke Williams of Global Investor Alliance

August 15, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 32
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Keke Williams of Global Investor Alliance
Show Notes

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It’s always nice to talk about something completely different.

Keke Williams is our guest today and her group is doing something you don’t hear about much: international agribusiness investing. Is it as straightforward as multifamily investing in the U.S. -which she also does – no, absolutely not. Not surprisingly the returns reflect the additional risk, something like 2x what you might expect from a typical stabilized multifamily syndication. It’s a fascinating subject and Keke was kind enough to indulge us with sidebar applying agribusiness principles to the Cannabis industry.

We are products of education platforms ourselves and appreciate seeing a well informed and involved operator offering a platform for education and networking. Keke and her partner Pater have developed the Global Investor Alliance offering both education and opportunities in projects they themselves participate in. Take a look.

About Keke – 
Peter and Keke co-founded Global Investor Alliance (GIA) to help people obtain the mindset, strategies & tools to create recurring income from recession-resilient real estate investments that have ultimately accelerated their own wealth building success. 

Through their US multifamily GP partnerships, they currently manage a portfolio of 1,000+ doors across 4 projects in 3 metros, valued at over $200MM. Additionally, with their Americas farmland and agribusiness GP partnerships, they currently operate over $70MM AUM across nearly 1,000 hectares of farmland. 

Keke spent 20 years in Management Consulting and Corporate Sales/Marketing while Peter spent 25 years on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley prior to embarking on their full-time real estate investing adventures. They have applied their collective corporate skills, experience, and networks to their real estate investing pursuits in a way that empowers others to live their best life and also quenches their thirst for service, global travel, and adventure. 


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