Real Wealth Solutions Podcast

Shawn Dimartile of Pac 3 Capital

August 01, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Episode 30
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Shawn Dimartile of Pac 3 Capital
Show Notes

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We really like to bring you actionable content and with this episode, our guest hits it out of the park!

First, three different people used three different ways to access their 401K to invest in real estate. 

Second, Shawn’s tips to increase his tenant leads is worth a listen to all owners, no matter who is managing your property. To help get you on the right path with increasing tenant leads we’ve included links to Shawn’s blog post on Facebook Marketplace and our YouTube series on Craigslist marketing.

Finally, his communication systems with his out of state third party management are both efficient and dynamic.

Good stuff all the way around!

About Shawn – 

Shawn is a founding member of Pac 3 Capital where he directs and oversees capital improvement projects. He is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and underwriting all acquisitions and director of investor relations. Shawn currently has over $28 Million in multifamily assets under management. 

Shawn is also co-host of The MultifamilyTakeoff podcast and a proud United States Navy veteran.

Reach Shawn at –
An Apartment Investing Firm - Pac 3 Capital
[email protected]

Resources – 

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Handbook – Joe Fairless & Theo Hicks -

Shawn’s Blog - Quadruple Your Tenant Leads with Facebook Marketplace | LinkedIn

Real Wealth Solutions Craigslist Video Series -

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