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Nick Earls & Eric DiNicola with Winterspring Capital

June 27, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 26
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Nick Earls & Eric DiNicola with Winterspring Capital
Show Notes

Having successfully developed and raised capital in the Boston area for over a dozen condominium projects, Nick and Eric have now ventured into multifamily syndication in the Southeast and Midwest markets.

In today’s talk we compared and contrasted development against the buy and hold strategy. Both have their advantages, but opportunity may be market based. For instance, buy and hold has been a goal for quite some time, however their local market rewarded condo development over market rent builds. Now Eric and Nick are looking to leverage their knowledge and network into markets more suited long term holds, leaning towards an emphasis on affordable housing.

Some great insights into partnerships and growing a business are also shared. Nicholas is a history buff, and his analogy about Japan’s growth over the 20th century can be a template for both personal and business growth. Be sure to check out Winterspring online for some great free resources and to keep up with ongoing and future projects.

One great takeaway – Look to the top producers, in any area, and emulate and adapt what they are doing to fit with your business goals.

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About Nick and Eric – 
Nick Earls: Nick is the co-founder and managing principal of Winterspring Capital and has over a decade of experience in all phases of commercial real estate, including asset management, sales, new construction development, and property management. While building his own portfolio, he has also guided many investors down the path of multifamily investment, management, or development. He is an expert on multifamily condominium development, underwriting, and asset management in the multifamily space and also the author of the top-rated book “Making Millions through Multi-Family Development”.
 Eric DiNicola:  Erick, DiNicola, co-founder and managing principal of Winterspring Capital, has a strong financial background spanning over a decade. Eric understands the importance of investment diversification. He began working in public equity in 2010 and moved into the private equity markets where he worked on valuations and capital raising. Joining forces with nice in 2015, he leveraged his investment experience and expertise to accelerate the growth of Winterspring’s real estate business. Heading up our acquisitions team, Eric leans on his extensive broker network to keep Winterspring’s deal pipeline full.

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