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Nikolai Ray

June 13, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 24
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Nikolai Ray
Show Notes

Nikolai Ray is a bit of a cynic and contrarian. I don’t mean that as an insult and I don’t think he’ll take it that way. Todays conversation centered around accuracy, holistic thinking and NOT getting caught up in the hype. With an endless onslaught of content being posted every day it can be hard to discern the useful from the noise. Does a Costar report about the median rents for suburban B class one bedroom apartments in a complex of 50 units or more (always consider the source data) really tell me anything about the markets that I operate in? Maybe, probably not is my answer. Curation of content has always happened. For every photo in the family album, there are 6 blurring one in a shoe box somewhere.

 One great takeaway – You shouldn’t be avoiding or afraid of failure. Failure is a lesson and failure is a stepping stone if you have the right mindset.

About Nikolai –
Thanks to a revolutionary combination of big data, A.I. and blockchain, we are building MREX (Multifamily Real Estate Exchange), which will democratize and transform real estate investing both in the United States and Worldwide. The MREX also supports the investment property community through it's College and Research Institute as well as through events like the MRE Week.
 On a personal note, as an innovative entrepreneur and multifamily real estate expert, I share my time mainly between Florida, Los Angeles, Montreal and Quebec City. Ex pro' hockey player, 3-time Olympics human performance coach with a deep specialization in applied biomechanics and pioneer in the area of multifamily real estate investing financial engineering.
 I have spent the last 13 years building businesses in the fields of international level sports performance and exercise science, and real estate. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, titans of industry and Nobel prize nominees, whom I unfortunately and fortunately did not have the chance to truly connect with as I was growing up.
 For almost a decade and a half, I have been developing my entrepreneurial skills, having created hundreds of jobs and built 4 companies (3 successes and 1 major failure), analyzed and structured more than $10 billion dollars in multifamily real estate acquisitions and spoken at over a hundred conferences and symposiums.

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