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The Road to 500 with Ryan Narus

May 30, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 22
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
The Road to 500 with Ryan Narus
Show Notes

Greg and Darren welcome Ryan Narus to The Road to 500 series. 

 By the time an investor has reached 500 units, they are in a place where systems are set up, refined, and working well. Lessons have been learned and applied, and momentum is carrying them forward. We are tapping to these investors to share their knowledge to help you get to, and past, your first 500.

 Thanks for joining us as we discover the story of Ryan’s journey on The Road to 500, and the healthy dose of the psychology behind it.

 One great takeaway – When you’re different, you’ll find opportunities everywhere.

 Resources Mentioned – 

Playing the Matrix by Mike Dooley -

Good to Great by Jim Collins -

Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss -

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers-

Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner -

 Ryan’s podcast – Mobile Home Parks in Real Life -

From Ryan – I am a double graduate of Wake Forest University with an undergrad in Psychology & Statistics and an MBA. I'm a self made real estate entrepreneur who owns and operates 20 Mobile Home Parks spanning ~1,795 units. But here's the thing: I started with nothing. No money. No experience. No network. I was a 20 something with way more student loan debt than actual capital to invest in deals. I'm just a normal dude. The only thing that makes me different is that I refused to quit. And I was willing to sacrifice, and take bold action. I found creative ways to make money while I scaled my business up. I was stuck in Corporate America. I escaped. And I want to help others too.

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