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Prop Tech Lending with Featuring Tim Milazzo

May 16, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 20
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Prop Tech Lending with Featuring Tim Milazzo
Show Notes

Finding the best funding for your deal can be a challenge no matter your experience or portfolio. The prop tech company may be the solution you are looking for.

 In this episode Greg and Darren welcome Tim Milazzo, co-founder and CEO of commercial real estate financing platform StackSource. They delve into what exactly StackSource does, the ways it is growing and adapting to the needs of its users and ways it can help you not only find financing but reach decisions regarding the viability of a deal quicker. As we are all well aware, time is critical when it comes to moving on a property.

One great takeaway – Transparency and efficiency will always be an advantage.

Tim is the co-founder & CEO of StackSource. He identified the market opportunity for a tech-enabled commercial real estate financing platform, recruited Nathan as a co-founder, and built the company. StackSource has now arranged more than $250 Million in multifamily and commercial loans across 29 states.  Prior to StackSource, Tim worked for tech giants Facebook and Google where he helped expand B2B marketplaces in ad tech. Years ago, he interned at a top NYC real estate company before the current real estate tech wave. He comes from a family with history in real estate.

 To support StackSource’s funding efforts on WeFunder click here.

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Email at [email protected]
On LinkedIn @tim-milazzo
On Facebook @TimMilazzo

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