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May 09, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 19
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Marketing Insights
Show Notes

Marketing yourself and your business can be a challenge. This episode will give you some actionable tips to help make it easier.

In this episode Greg and Darren welcome guest Dan Fradenburgh for great discussion about marketing – from YouTube to email. Dan not only brings much experience from the IT world; he’s an investor as well. That investing experience combined with his investing experience gives Dan a unique perspective that he generously shares with Greg, Darren and you.

 One great takeaway – Online, organic reach has limited power.

Dan Fradenburgh achieved success as an online funnel builder, enabling his clients to make more than $70M in sales through his agency and IT services at

 He is a prolific content creator and host of the YouTube channel FIGGERRIDOUT with over 400 episodes.  His book on attention-to-detail is available on Amazon, and with the help of his fully digital AI avatar he's now able to say more after his death than he possibly can during his life... Making him effectively immortal.

 I guess you could say he's not your typical Commercial Real Estate Investor.

 You may reach Dan by email at or or on LinkedIn @dan-fradenburgh.


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