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Operator to Owner with Bill Hamel

April 25, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 17
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Operator to Owner with Bill Hamel
Show Notes

Looking to make the move from operator to owner? Then this is the episode for you!

In this episode Greg and Darren welcome fellow investor Bill Hamel who generously shares his journey from multifamily operator to multifamily owner. Bill has been investing for decades and has some fantastic insights for those of us who haven’t had quite as long a career. 

 One great takeaway – When you dabble, you don’t get the results you want.

Bill Hamel has been a successful multifamily real estate investor since the 90’s.  He started buying smaller investment properties in the Albany, NY area with a childhood buddy.  Once established in this space, Bill continued building his portfolio by adding his brother as another partner. He added larger multifamily properties into the plan and accumulated well over 200 units in the portfolio. 

Bill operated an in-house property management company focusing on great customer service maximizing resident retention and referrals.

In 2017; after a serious health issue, Bill decided to transition from an operator of their portfolio to large multifamily investments.  

Bill plans to utilize many years in the business by sharing larger, profitable investments with like-minded, active   investors along with providing access for passive investors seeking alternate, high yielding investments to diversify their portfolio.

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