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The Road to 500 with Gino Barbaro

April 18, 2021 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 2 Episode 16
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
The Road to 500 with Gino Barbaro
Show Notes

Greg and Darren welcome Gino Barbaro to The Road to 500 series. 

By the time an investor has reached 500 units, they are in a place where systems are set up, refined, and working well. Lessons have been learned and applied, and momentum is carrying them forward. We are tapping to these investors to share their knowledge to help you get to, and past, your first 500.

 Thanks for joining us as we discover the story of Gino’s journey on The Road to 500.

 One great takeaway – If it’s too hard, you don’t want it bad enough.

 Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro have amassed a portfolio of over 1,600 multifamily units with $100,000,000 in assets under management, and host one of the top multifamily real estate podcast on iTunes.

 What started out as a conversation between friends about the possibilities multifamily investing could bring their way exploded into a thriving real estate investment business that continues to grow in size and profitability. Jake and Gino are both experts in multifamily real estate investing and have achieved, in just a few years, the sort of financial freedom they always wanted but weren’t sure was possible. While a certain amount of timing, coincidence, and luck brought Jake and Gino together, their website, books, and an arsenal of podcasts help bring that same luck, and years of experience, to other investors. If a pizza guy and pharmaceutical sales rep can do it, other listeners can too!

 Unlike many Investing Consultants and so-called Business Coaches, Jake and Gino have done the work with the assets to back their success strategies while consistently reaching their goals.

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