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Acting As If with Chad Sutton

February 12, 2021 Greg Scully& Darren Light Season 2 Episode 7
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
Acting As If with Chad Sutton
Show Notes

Greg and Darren are joined by Chad Sutton of Quattro Capital. This discussion is all about leveling up in your business and personal life. They cover Chad’s journey to real estate and the process of creating and growing Quattro Capital with his active partners. Each investor has a unique path that leads them to real estate, but there are some commonalities we all share and one of them is the desire reach your highest potential. During this motivating conversation Chad will share some concrete steps to help move you closer to our shared goal of reaching your highest potential no matter where you are on the path.

One great takeaway – You have to look at investing in your business just as much as investing in a property.

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Chad is one of five Managing Partners of Quattro Capital. Prior to that, Chad co-founded a real estate investing company, NextGen Real Capital. Chad is a “recovering engineer” who spent most of his profession in corporate America in spaceflight with NASA and aircraft with GE before following his passion as a real estate investor. He is an “old soul” and a genuine “family man” with a determined path to obtain a time quality lifestyle and generate quality communities for residents.

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