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The Road to 500 with Tony Castronovo

April 28, 2022 Greg Scully & Darren Light Season 3 Episode 99
Real Wealth Solutions Podcast
The Road to 500 with Tony Castronovo
Show Notes

Greg and Darren welcome Tony Castronovo to The Road to 500 series. 

 By the time an investor has reached 500 units, they are in a place where systems are set up, refined, and working well. Lessons have been learned and applied, and momentum is carrying them forward. We are tapping to these investors to share their knowledge to help you get to, and past, your first 500.

 Tony shares some insights into how he has achieved the success he has in the multifamily space. Capital raising is his main role, but he speaks to the need to know how every role works so you can choose the right co-sponsors to work with. He other tip here is to be sure they have a complimentary skill sets and passions to yours.

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